the legal bits  

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of all details on this web-site, Brick Match accept no responsibility for any of the following:

The images are present to give the customer an indication of the colours. Image colours may vary from monitor to monitor.

Estimators and Converters
The estimator on this site are for the use and convenience of customers to estimate the quantities of materials they may require.
Because of the large range of variable factors outside the control of Brick Match we accept no responsibility for incorrect quantities resulting from the use of these calculator. Please consider them to be a guide only.
Examples of variable factors include but are not limited to: weather, ground conditions, moisture content of materials, accuracy of customers measurements.

Health & Safety

Please be aware that many building products, eg. cement, can damage the skin. Please take suitable precautions to protect yourself.
Details of the safety requirements of the products can be obtained from the manufacturers web sites.